Jewelry Made from Recycled Materials

Many eco-friendly companies are opting to use recycled old gold and other precious metals and making the material into new, beautiful jewelry pieces. You may want only precious metal and real gemstones for your engagement ring and wedding band, but consider the other jewelry you may wear for your green event — and what about the bridesmaids and even the flower girl? You certainly don't need to go with expensive precious metals for all of that. The amazing one-of-a-kind finds made from recycled materials are stunning. The following companies all use recycled materials for their creations:

  • GreenKarat ( uses recycled and reclaimed gold for all of its jewelry. It gets the metals from used and broken pieces of jewelry and electronics.

  • Seraglia Couture Gems and Jewellery ( uses antique, old, and reclaimed materials to make unique pieces.

  • Kathleen Plate ( makes beautiful jewelry from recycled glass. Plate uses sterling silver and recycled glass to create earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. She even has a line commissioned by Coca-Cola.

  • Junk to Jewels ( has some very interesting ecological jewelry that turns junk into eco-fashion.

  • Global Handcrafters ( has jewelry from all over the world made by artisans that have been provided with fair wages and good working conditions.

  • Repurposed 4 You ( has creative rings and bracelets made out of soda can tabs. It is a nonprofit organization that donates all of its proceeds to charities.

You can get jewelry made from recycled materials to wear on your wedding day and purchase stunning sets for all your bridesmaids and your flower girl to wear. How green is that?

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