How Your Sex Life Affects Your Health

Now that you know how your health affects your sex life, consider the flipside. How does your sex life affect your health?

Many studies and articles have touted the health benefits of a good sex life. It's believed that good sex can help lower blood pressure (once the frenetic bedroom activity is done, of course), alleviate depression and other mood disorders, and just make you healthier and more energetic overall.

An active sex life gets your blood pumping and works out your muscles. It burns calories and motivates you to stay active and work up a sweat in other ways, too.

A rewarding and satisfying sex life also puts you in a more positive and happy frame of mind, which in turn makes you more likely to take care of yourself. Plus, a good attitude can make a big difference when it comes to the state of your health. And if you and your partner are enjoying a satisfying relationship with a good intimate connection, it's more likely that you will support each other's healthy decisions and take care of each other.

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