Who's Doing It (and When and How)

When it comes to sex, it seems like it is only natural — and often irresistible — to compare ourselves to other people. We all imagine that everyone else is doing it better (or more often) than we are, and that we simply don't measure up. So it might be helpful to consider some statistics. But just remember: Great sex is more about quality than quantity. Just because someone else is having sex more often doesn't mean they are having good sex more often. Think about it: Would you rather have blah, ho-hum sex every night of the week, or incredible mind-blowing sex once or twice a week? Exactly.

So here are some stats you might find interesting:

  • According to a 2008 survey by Health magazine, 64 percent of respondents have sex at least once a week. That's similar to the findings of a Redbook survey, where 60 percent reported having sex at least once or twice a week (5 percent claimed to be having sex on a daily basis). A majority of the Redbook respondents said they wish they were having sex more often.

  • One-third of the Health respondents named the missionary position as their favorite, with “woman on top” ranked a close second. By contrast, a Cosmopolitan survey of men found they loved the woman-on-top position best.

  • As for solo action, 27 percent of the Health group said they masturbate at least once a week, while another 25 percent said they pleasure themselves at least once a month (although some said they only masturbate when their partners are unavailable).

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