Erogenous Zones

Your whole body is one big erogenous zone. Touch applied to your hair follicles and nerves on the skin travels to the brain and is translated to erotic, sensual feelings of pleasure. But some areas are more sensitive than others, so your body's erogenous zone can generally be divided into three different types:

1. Primary (first-degree) erogenous zone. These include the mucous membrane tissues that comprise the lips, genitals, and nipples. These areas include the anus, penis, vaginal lips, and inside the outer third of the vagina. They are rich in nerves and the nerve endings are very close to the surface of the skin. These areas are very responsive to touch.

2. Secondary (second-degree) erogenous zone. Parts that have a sparse amount of hair and are often found in the regions next to the third-degree areas. These parts are not as sensitive as the primary erogenous zone, but are more sensitive than the areas covered by hair.

3. Tertiary (third-degree) erogenous zone. The areas of the skin that are covered with hair — your arms, legs, parts of the chest, and so forth. These areas have fewer and more dispersed nerve endings, so they are the least erogenous. Nevertheless, the hair follicles' ends, down under the skin, help stimulate the nerve endings that are buried near them.

The word erogenous comes to us from the Greeks. Ero comes from Eros, the name of the Greek god of erotic love, and genous is a suffix that means producing or generating. Erogenous zones are areas that generate erotic love.

Humans need touch from the time they are born to become healthy individuals. Our skin and nerves grow in their ability to feel more fully as we develop. This process can be expanded your whole life long. You will always have the ability to increase your capacity to feel the pleasure of touch.

Mutual Enjoyment: A Key to Great Touch

A key ingredient to great touch is this rule: The hand that gives the touch should feel just as good (or better) than the body part receiving the touch. In other words, the giver should be in pleasure along with the receiver. Think about this — it's quite a concept. The next time you give pleasurable touch to a person, think about your fingertips. Are they enjoying themselves? How could they be enjoying this experience even more?

When you start paying attention, you will find that you can really enjoy being the giver. You'll find new ways to touch that will open up the experience for both of you. This simple practice will transform sensual touch for you and your partner. It even works when the giver and the receiver is the same person. Try it in a fun way; be light and playful.

Don't Overlook the Less Obvious Zones

One common mistake people make is focusing on a few obvious parts of the body, ignoring many other perfectly good potential hotspots. Explore your partner's (and your own) body, giving every nook and cranny a chance to be the Erogenous Zone of the Day. You just might find a few surprises. Remember, erogenous zones are an individual thing. What might not do anything for one person will drive another person up the wall.

The Pleasure of Touch

Here is a fun exercise for increasing erotic, physical pleasure through touch. You can do this alone or with a partner as an experiential evening of erotic play. If you do it with a partner, it will involve direct sexual activity. Make sure you lovingly communicate what is and isn't working for you. If you are practicing solo, you can self-pleasure your genitals with one hand and stimulate other erogenous zones with the other hand.

The training idea behind this practice is to make new or deeper neural connections between the excitement you feel in your genital area and other areas of your body. For instance, let's take a basic example. Women, let's connect the pleasure you feel in your clitoris with your nipples. You or your partner would stimulate your clitoris to the point of arousal and then begin to simultaneously stimulate your nipples in whatever way you like. This could be orally or with either of you using your fingers and hands.

Men, you would be stimulating your penis and your nipples. If you are doing it with your lover, have your partner stimulate your penis and you can arouse your nipples or any area of your choice. Remember to breathe fully into your belly. Keep the stimulation up. Take it to the arousal point and then some. Breathe in the pleasurable energy.

Next, continue the genital stimulation but switch to another erogenous zone. Connect each new area with the direct genital excitement you are feeling. Some areas will work better than others, but remember that every inch of your skin is covered in nerve endings that can learn to experience more pleasure. Even the areas between your fingers and toes are exquisitely tender and sensitive when touched lightly and playfully.

More Erogenous Areas

Here are a few other erogenous areas you may concentrate on as you perform this exercise:

  • Breasts and underarms

  • Toes and feet

  • Buttocks and anus

  • Inner and outer thighs

  • Neck area, ears, and face

  • Love handles and sides of the torso

  • Back of the knees and inside the elbows

  • Fingers and wrists

Let your imagination run wild, but be respectful of your partner and her likes or dislikes. Remember to ask permission to touch an area you think might be risky or extra-sensitive. Speak up if something feels less than pleasurable — or if something feels so good you want more of it.

By working on your secondary and tertiary erogenous zones, you are training your body to feel much more. After some practice, it is even conceivable to reach orgasm just by having your nipples sucked. The possibilities are endless!

When the breath is connected to this practice, it too can be used as the vehicle to orgasm. Eventually, it may even be possible for you to breathe the way you did during this exercise and reach orgasm without physical contact. This is not far-fetched and is, in fact, a common practice in tantra. Can you imagine how beneficial this will be in helping you achieve an orgasm with genital stimulation?

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