Racy E-mails and Text Messages

While most people who engage in cybersex prefer the immediate response capabilities of instant messaging or chat programs, you may not always have access to those options. In that case, you might want to send your sexy messages via e-mail or text.


As cybersex options go, e-mail is probably considered the most basic. Almost anyone who uses a computer knows how to send an e-mail message, so it's very simple. On the downside, there's a lag in response time. Even if the recipient types a reply immediately, it may take a while for the message to appear in your inbox. This constant delay can make it tough to conduct a steamy X-rated exchange without destroying the mood.

Keep in mind that anything you send via e-mail or text messaging can easily be forwarded to someone else without your knowledge. Be sure to only send racy messages to someone you trust completely, and remind them to delete the messages after viewing them.

Text Messages

Text messaging is extremely popular right now — and, as a result, so is sending sexual text messages. The process of sending sex-related text messages has become known as sexting, especially when done among teens.

You should only engage in racy text messaging if your phone (and your partner's) is off-limits to other people. If someone else uses your phone, you don't want them accidentally getting a peek at your private exchange. Regardless, it's a good idea to delete all remnants of your sex talk as soon as possible.

Text messaging is easy and convenient. Nearly all newer cell phones have texting capabilities. There can also be an element of naughtiness and secrecy, such as if your partner receives an erotic text message from you while she is in a business meeting. (Bonus: If your partner's phone is set on vibrate, your message can provide her with an added little secret thrill.) To avoid typing overly lengthy messages, come up with your own secret sexy shorthand — and be creative, so you can exchange texts that only the two of you will understand.

As with e-mail and instant messaging, most text messaging services also allow you to attach images (and perhaps even video clips).

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