Practice Enhancing Intimacy

This might surprise you, but intimacy doesn't always come easily, even with someone you love. But you can create intimacy between you and your partner through effort and practice. There are several exercises that will help you enhance intimacy in your relationship and build on your self-knowledge.

Creating Safe, Sacred Space

It's tough to truly relax and open yourself up to another person if you are tense or uncomfortable in your environment. This is especially important with your romantic relationships. You and your partner should have your own special love nest where you can enjoy each other's company without distractions or annoyances. That's why you need to create your sensual, sacred space. This is where you go to enjoy sensual lovemaking or talk about matters of importance. To sanctify this space, you might light a candle, burn some incense, or smudge by burning herbs. Whenever you enter this space, even if there is disharmony in the air, you enter it with an attitude of openness to what is — willing to speak about and hear whatever is ready to be revealed.

Spend Quality Time in Your Space

Your sacred space isn't doing any good if your hardly use it. Even if your schedules are very busy, make it a point to spend some time alone together doing something fun in your sacred space. Ideally, this would mean leisurely lovemaking sessions, but it could also include quickies, massages, adult games, watching romantic/erotic movies, or whatever else you two enjoy doing together.

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