Symbols of Sex and Regeneration

Ancient men had many symbols for sex, regeneration, family, and love. Artwork dating back as long as 35,000 years depicts the importance of sex, procreation, and love in our lives, and those same themes are still prevalent in modern art. Sex has been recognized as the force that controls the universe and programs our lives, both biologically and emotionally.

The downward pointing triangle, with a small vertical slit at the bottom point, has been used as a symbol of the vulva and the female genitals since the beginning of human time. Its triangular symbol has been seen in cave drawings and carvings throughout the world. It was the first written word symbol for “female” used by the Sumerians around 3500 B.C. The phallus has been worshiped for thousands of years as the symbol of all that is male. From ancient stone megaliths, cave drawings, and objects fashioned as sex aids, the phallus symbol remains alive and well today. One need only look at our modern skyscrapers, missiles, and monuments to see how pervasive the phallus is.

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