Talking Dirty

Even a little bit of naughty whispering can heat things up in the bedroom. Let's face it, nobody enjoys making love in total silence. Most people equate a more vocal partner with a more turned-on one. Virtually everyone finds sexy talk to be a turn-on (even if they didn't think they would). The key is to find the type and level of sex talk that you and your partner find the most exciting. This is tricky at first, because what you find sexy your partner might find obscene — or worse, disturbing. So proceed slowly, feeling out your partner's comfort level. If the two of you have previously been fairly quiet in bed, start out with a few louder-than-normal moans and some basic exclamations (Yes! More!). Gradually move on to more daring language, making sure to stay alert for any negative reactions from your partner.

Many people are hesitant to use salty or X-rated language, even in the privacy of their own bedroom. This is where you need to provide a reminder that what happens in the bedroom stays in the bedroom. Nobody else will ever know that you or your partner used profanities in the privacy of your private space, so feel free to let the shocking words fly.

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