Why Do Humans Experience Orgasms?

You might wonder why people have orgasms — not that anyone's complaining, mind you. But orgasms are, when you think about it, kind of a luxury. Humans can reproduce — and perhaps even have a fairly satisfying sex life — without having an orgasm. So what's the purpose? The most basic answer to the question of why humans have orgasms is procreation.

It's true that humans can conceive without orgasms. But it's not a matter of necessity. It's more of an incentive. To ensure that humans will continue to reproduce, nature has given us the orgasm as a sensual reward. Why would we have the drive to have sexual relations if there wasn't something very enjoyable about the act? After all, the clitoris has no biological function other than pleasure, and yet it has the highest concentration of nerve endings in the whole body.

Scientists have discovered that when a woman experiences an orgasm, her cervix actually dips down during each contraction and “sips” the semen up into the uterus. It's perfectly clear that throughout evolutionary history both men and women needed orgasmic pleasure to drive the survival of the species.

While no two orgasms are ever really alike, nor are we able to describe each man's or woman's individual experience, we know the basic path the orgasm takes each time we are graced with the experience. The important part is that the orgasm depends on each person's capacity to feel and receive pleasure.

Pleasure Is Your Birthright

Nature has given us the sex organs, the hormones, and the desire to have sex. We have the capacity to fantasize, to think about sex, and to actualize the act through lovemaking. It is your birthright to have the fullest sexual pleasure you can possibly experience. You may choose to fully partake of your sexual potential, or you may choose to abstain. And, of course, you may choose anything in between.

You, and only you, are responsible for how much pleasure you experience. Your partner is not the responsible one. If you hold ideas about the “shoulds” and “shouldn'ts” of sex that limit your capacity for pleasure, it's time to ferret them out. In a sense, the mind can be the greatest sex organ or the worst inhibitor of bodily pleasure.

If you're openly curious about your own sexual response cycle and give yourself permission to have pleasure, you will open up to new worlds. If you shut down your natural openness through false expectations and limiting beliefs, your capacity for pleasure diminishes. Taking charge of your sexual pleasure will empower you and free you in ways that extend beyond the bedroom.

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