Yin and Yang

Many Eastern cultures believe that male and female energies run opposite to each other. The Taoists say that man pulls his sexual and life energy (yang) from his feet, up through his penis and then upward into his heart. Woman, on the other hand, takes her energy (yin) from the top, down through her heart and then to her genitals. Hence, the war of the sexes — she needs a heart connection before she has sex; he needs sex before he can have a heart connection. How do they proceed?

Your choice of positions can have a major influence on your yin/yang relationship. Yin is the receptive principle. Yang is the active principle. The position you choose, and its appropriateness for your particular needs, can make the difference in whether you experience a female/male energy dance or a war of the sexes.

When a woman opens up her sexual repertoire to include trying positions where she is on top and in control, she becomes the “male” principle or the yang in the sex act at that moment. This empowers her and can give her a growing confidence in taking a more sexually active role. When the male is on the bottom, he can move into his feminine yin side. This takes the heat off, so to speak. He can relax. He doesn't have to be in charge and perform. The simple act of trying a new position can often be transformative for a relationship.

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