Yab-Yum Positions

The basic yab-yum position is a little-known but excellent position to explore. Lovers are face-to-face and heart-to-heart. They are able to keep eye contact, kiss, and caress each other. This position is the best one for extending the sexual experience because it prevents the man from thrusting so much that he ejaculates too quickly. It allows for the deep connection that makes the extended lovemaking experience magical.

In this position, the man sits cross-legged on the bed or floor and the woman sits astride him. She is facing him and has her legs wrapped around him, with the soles of her feet coming together behind him. Both partners have their arms wrapped around each other, and their faces are very close. The woman can put a firm pillow under her buttocks to help with the pressure on her lover's thighs, if necessary.

If you're not very comfortable in the basic yab-yum position, you may modify it as follows: The man can sit on the edge of the bed or a padded hassock (footstool) with his legs on the floor while the woman sits facing him on his lap. Make sure the man's legs are parallel to the floor from the knees to the hip. This is a good modification for people with lower back problems.

The yab-yum is a great position to use when the man starts getting too close to ejaculation. It's a position that is easy for the man to stay aroused in even when there is a minimum of movement. By combining fast, hot movements with slow, steady rocking and even stillness, you can create a dance. This allows you to remain in a high state of ecstatic connection for virtually as long as you want. It's a little more daring and advanced, but it's well worth it.

The yab yum position.

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