There's Always Something New

Even the most experienced and mature lovers can always discover a new sexual move, technique, or position. This can be exciting, even if you currently enjoy a satisfying sex life. When you investigate a new position, you can count on having new things to talk about and learn together. Exploring new positions should be fun, and you should be prepared to communicate with your partner and laugh at yourself if you don't quite get it right away. You'll probably find that some positions will work well for you and some just won't at all.

The more positions you try out, the more your awkwardness or reluctance will disappear and the easier it will become to learn new ones. You'll find yourself becoming willing to try other new things with your lover. That's what makes exploring different positions so important. This form of trying something new will often lead to a transformed sexual relationship. For couples who want to learn and add to their sexual repertoire, exploring new positions can be one of the best ways to do it.

The Perfect Fit

Experimenting with different positions may also help solve the problem of the imperfect fit. That is, a woman with a large vagina may end up with a man who has a smaller penis. Or, on the contrary, a woman with a tight vagina may have a lover whose penis is too big for her, causing her pain during intercourse.

A couple that experiences these types of problems has to try new positions to get the very best out of their lovemaking. Positions that hurt the woman or don't allow her to move her hips and adjust her body to her partner's are going to contribute to an uncomfortable sexual experience.

If the woman or man can't communicate problems like this, the couple may begin to shy away from sexual activity. This can be the beginning of a downhill swing in the relationship. The couple may never come out of it, all because neither person could say they weren't comfortable with the way their sexual experiences were going. Exploring new positions can help.

The vagina will, in most cases, expand or tighten to fit the penis. Foreplay for the woman makes a tremendous amount of difference. It's a rare case that the fit just won't work.

A Great Variety of Positions

There are as many positions as there are possibilities in the creative mind. When trying them out, keep the communication going. Tell your partner what you like and what doesn't work for you.

Very few of us are mind readers, so when in doubt, ask. If your partner is quieter than you are, encourage him to speak up. Ask multiple choice questions:

  • Do you prefer that I do this faster or slower?

  • Do you like this harder or softer?

  • Should we move on to another position or would you like me to continue?

Even if the answer is “none of the above,” just knowing that you care can give your partner the courage to speak up. Remember, you both really want to know what the other one wants and likes.

There's More Than One Way

There are many subtle variations on each major group of positions. If a new position isn't working for you, don't abandon it right away. Try moving a leg to the left or right, or put a pillow under yourself to lift your pelvis, or shift from one knee to the other.

Have pillows of varying sizes and shapes like crescent moons, rounds, and squares available to use under your head, arms, legs, buttocks, tummy, and feet to subtly change angles and positions. Don't be afraid to get creative!

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