Spooning Positions

Spooning positions are a wonderful addition to any couple's repertoire of lovemaking. Greatly nurturing, they are especially appropriate for either the very beginning or the very end of a lovemaking session. Partners can use spooning positions to connect deeply before making love or they can use them at the very end, for holding and lying still in those magical moments before drifting off to sleep.

These positions can be used whether the man has an erect penis or not. Just holding each other in these positions has its place in any lovemaking situation. They can also be used when the two of you desire to make love but the woman is low on energy or both of you are more tired than usual and you want to stay very mellow. With the woman in front and the man behind holding her, the couple can gently undulate, whether they are having intercourse or just bonding.

When trying any new position, take it slowly at first and stay very conscious of your partner and his feelings. New positions can trigger long-buried emotions and feelings of vulnerability. Keep the communication open and be willing to stop and explore the feelings that are coming up for both of you.

The “spooning” position.

Generally, you assume a position similar to spoons lying next to each other. Lie front to front or back to front, with either the man or the woman in front, depending on who needs the most cuddling. Bring the arm and hand that is under you to the front, under the person in front, so that you can hold them near their heart area. The other hand can come over the top to hold their pelvic region close to yours. Pull them to you and snuggle up close.

Many couples start out with the spooning position and then have one partner move into other positions to up the excitement level. Try going into the T-shaped position. The man remains lying on his side, as with spooning, while the woman gets on her back and slides around until she is perpendicular to him, so her hips meet his and her legs are draped over his body (her feet are usually planted behind him on the bed to allow her some leverage for movement). This position allows for new and unique sensations, due to the angle of penetration, and it also provides a good angle for clitoral stimulation by either the man or woman.

The “T-shaped” position.

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