Rear-Entry Positions

Without a doubt, rear-entry positions are some of the best positions — they enhance G-spot stimulation, they have the advantage of leaving the man's hands free to caress and fondle the breasts, and variety is easy to come by. With rear-entry positions, you can adjust the angle and depth of penetration and the ways you move. This allows the woman to adapt the experience for herself while having a lot of room to increase the pleasure for her partner. It also enables the woman or the man to stimulate her clitoris. For some women, this is an important part of intercourse.

Rear-entry positions aren't always the most appropriate; the moment must be right. Sometimes it's just more appropriate to be facing each other. Eye contact, breath connection, heart connection, and intimacy are all facilitated through facing your partner.

Men may find that they are turned on by the increased control in these positions. You can be in control of the depth, speed, and rhythm. You have a wonderful, archetypal view of your partner, reminiscent of ancient or primitive man. Men can feel powerful and still maintain sensitivity with their partner.

This position is probably most commonly done with the man kneeling behind the woman, with the upper half of his body upright. Some couples also like to do a variation in which the man leans forward so he is on all fours as well, but this can be uncomfortable or tricky, especially if there's a big size difference in the partners.

The rear entry (or “doggie style”) position.

Try a Few Variations

Try having the woman lean forward and lay her head down. This is a good position for stimulating the man by caressing his scrotum or his inner thighs. You can also help him stay focused on nonejaculatory pleasure by cupping his scrotum in your hands and gently applying pressure with a downward pull.

Be gentle and always ask first if it's something he would like you to try. You may also wish to apply pressure to his perineum (the external area between the anus and the scrotum that covers his prostate gland, or the male G-spot). This will help keep him from going over the top, so to speak.

Another variation of the rear-entry position is one where both partners are lying flat on their stomachs, with the man on top of the woman. This can feel suffocating for the woman — indeed, it allows for very little range of movement — but it can sometimes be a good strategy for taking a breather or slowing things down to prolong orgasm.

Rear entry, with man lying flat on top of woman.

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