Advanced Positions

If you feel like you've mastered all the routine positions or just feel the urge to expand your horizons, you might want to try a move advanced position.

Here are a few types of advanced positions you can try:

Standing Positions

This can be a little tricky if there's a height difference — in which case, the man might want to lift the woman while she wraps her legs around him. To make things easier, she can sit on a counter or piece of furniture, or lean back against a wall. To make things even more challenging, try an arrangement where the man is standing while the woman is upside-down, with her head near the floor (she can support herself by placing her hands on the floor).

Sitting Positions

This may or may not be challenging, depending on which variation you choose. The woman is usually sitting in the man's lap, but she can face either toward or away from the man. Adjust the sensations by having the woman lean as far backward or forward as she can manage.

A sitting sex position.

Acrobatic Positions

These are the type of positions that generally require considerable flexibility and/or creativity. They would include arrangements in which one or both partners are upside-down or lying diagonally across the bed, or where one partner is balanced precariously on a single limb or appendage (either their own or their partner's).

Try these positions slowly, proceeding with caution. Some of them are risky and can cause injury, especially if you aren't very flexible or have any type of physical limitation (such as a bad back).

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