Does Size Really Matter?

Penis size is the subject of magazine articles, talk shows, kitchen table gossip, and locker-room whispers. As a result, many men feel self-conscious about their penis, afraid that they're just not measuring up. But the truth is, size doesn't matter — what matters is the man's self-confidence and skill. Much more important than what you've got is what you can do with it.

Becoming a wonderful, attentive, and caring lover is far more important than the size of your penis. Having a very large penis can actually be a problem. Though the vagina can expand and shrink according to fit, some vaginas are smaller than others. Difficulties can arise when two people are mismatched in this arena. A man with a larger-than-average penis may have trouble getting full satisfaction for himself because he can't penetrate deep enough to stimulate his whole shaft. Furthermore, some women complain that they experience pain from their partner's thrusting techniques, and the pain may be due to the size of the penis.

The Lock and the Key

One reason the size of a man's penis isn't very important is that the G-spot is only 1½ to 2 inches inside the vagina, and during intercourse the goal is to stimulate the G-spot to an orgasm. The head of the penis does most of the stimulating of the G-spot. As the head passes the G-spot area, on both the in-and the outstroke, it catches slightly; that's what causes stimulation. Particularly on the outstroke, the head of the penis rubs up against the pubic bone and causes friction in the G-spot area.

Women often mention that the girth of the penis is more important to them than the length. But even the girth isn't that important, as long as a woman does her Kegel exercises. With stronger PC muscles, a woman will be very satisfied with a penis of any size — and she will also have much more sexual vitality and orgasmic potential.

The Soft-On

Don't be upset if occasionally you can't get it up. There are plenty of great sexual possibilities that aren't centered around a hard-on. Take the focus off intercourse and try a side dish for a change.

When you have a soft-on, your partner may want to give you attention orally. If she usually has difficulty taking you into her mouth, now would be the perfect time. Try some new techniques and let go of performance worries. You'll enjoy yourself a lot more if you relax and go with the moment.

The rate of prostate cancer is increasing. Having a lot of satisfying sex can help keep the prostate healthy. Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, especially zinc, are invaluable aids in staying sexually happy and healthy. A healthy lifestyle can also help you feel your best.

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