The Very First Time

When you feel secure, empowered, and self-confident, most things you do for the first time will go well. Having information, knowledge, and resources helps you have even better life experiences. This is definitely true when it comes to your first sexual experience. Whatever your age, you need to remember that sex can happen with or without intimacy, love, and commitment. Sex may be a part of a young person's explorations of who they are. It can be the result of giving in to the peer pressure of keeping up with friends. It can be a way of testing both how lovemaking might feel and how or who one is in relation to gender and sex.

Don't Rush In

Generally, parents, clergy, and educators all feel that teenagers and young adults should put off sexual activity until they are more mature. However, young people who feel like adults and are out to test their boundaries and experience life don't often follow that advice. It might be helpful for them to know that many people who have sex for the first time at an early age later realize they weren't totally ready for the experience and wish they had waited.

If you are a parent of a teenager who is interested in sex, sometimes all you can do is trust that you have done a good job of educating your child and hope he or she will make wise decisions because of that. If you have younger children, make sure you take an active role in educating them about sex.

If you are a teenager and think that you're ready for your first sexual experience and you would like it to be healthy and fulfilling the first time, there are several things you may want to consider. Make sure you have spoken with your potential partner and that you both agree that you're ready to be together; ideally, you will also be able to speak with a parent or another trusted adult in your life, especially if you have any fears or frustrations. It's also important that you have a safe, comfortable place to be with your partner.

Many young people don't know much about sexuality. Have an open conversation with your potential lover. Chances are, this is a first for him as well, and you may discover that both of you share some of the same fears.

Your first sexual experience is something you'll remember for the rest of your life. Try to make it the best possible. It will get you started in the right direction on the road of sexual growth that will take you through the rest of your life.

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