A Checklist of Procedures and Tasks

The following tasks will become second nature as you write more and more grant proposals. Here are some of the things you must be sure to accomplish prior to writing:

  • Outline the grant following the outline of the RFP/guidelines.

  • Brainstorm and list potential collaborations.

  • Contact potential collaborators to participate in project-design meetings.

  • Develop a calendar of draft submissions and reviews with anyone who has agreed to review the proposal.

  • Develop a list of outstanding documents. Establish who or where these documents will come from.

  • Write letters of support, send them to signers, and set a deadline for return of signed originals.

  • Set up a file folder with separate sections for narrative drafts, forms, original letters and attachments, RFP/guidelines, and background materials.

  • Make a list of data required and potential sources for data. Include phone numbers and contact names in case you can assign this job to a grant-seeking team member.

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