Sample Support Letters

The following examples show four different types of support letters. Each has a different function.

Letter Example 1

In the first letter, the proposing agency and its primary partners signed the same letter and asked those affected by the program to sign in support of the project:


We, the undersigned, understand that the XYZ project requires a strong network of caring individuals and service providers if it is to help create systemic change, improve the XXX community, and serve as a model of effective practices for reducing prostitution and its resulting social problems. We, therefore, commit ourselves and the organizations and agencies we represent to building and strengthening that network, to participating in the XYZ Advisory Committee, and to providing services judged important to helping prostitutes rebuild their lives.


Chief of Police Department     University School of Social Work

Neighborhood Association     Work Social Work Agency

Letter Example 2

The second sample letter supports a need for services proposed by one agency and states that a local school district would take advantage of such services if they were available. You can tell that the writer has clearly read the proposal and knows what the grant writer has said about the school district and the planned project. She affirms the need for the project in the school district and links program outcomes to the district's student outcomes.


Dear name:

On behalf of XXX Public Schools and our students, I strongly support the Mobile Media Laboratories planned for launch by the XYZ Nonprofit Organization in Fall, 2007. As you already know, our students come from families that range from wealthy to indigent. At one of our ten elementary schools, more than 90 percent of students participate in the Federal Free/Reduced Lunch program; at another, only 22 percent participate. The Mobile Media Lab will help us “level the playing field” for students who don't have access to home computers, highspeed Internet connections, or digital video cameras.

Every graduate of XXX Schools must meet our exit standards, which mandate that students are effective communicators (expressing and listening), personal managers, quality producers, global citizens, critical/creative thinkers, and self-directed learners. Our job is to provide the tools that help students meet these standards and to change those tools as students, culture, and future worker requirements change. The Mobile Media Lab will assist us greatly in providing tools that will help our students gather and analyze information, make informed decisions, engage in creative communications, and explore new vehicles for teaching and learning.

The opportunity to link, through the lab's wireless connections, with XYZ's television and radio stations or directly to the Web, is sure to generate excitement among our students. Media can be a strong motivator for more reluctant scholars, and broadcasting is sure to help some of our students overcome shyness and improve their self-esteem.

We look forward to working with you and participating in an ongoing evaluation of the Mobile Media Lab and its programs.


Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Letter Example 3

The third letter comes from a community leader in support of a local agency. In this case, the author is president of a local foundation and is familiar with the work of the proposing nonprofit. A letter from a community leader or fellow funder has greater importance when sent to a foundation in the state or region; in other words, peer to peer. Such a letter would not be as necessary to a federal grant project.


Dear name:

I strongly encourage the City Foundation to consider XYZ's grant application for improvements to the structure and programming at their Youth Center.

This program is critical to preventing juvenile delinquency and building the self-esteem of inner-city youth in our community. When it was conceived nearly sixty years ago, it was the first in the nation to use police officers in the roles of mentors to at-risk youngsters; it remains a model for other communities in the nation for its success, longevity, and unique niche in meeting the needs of young people.

The XXX Foundation, one of the state's largest family foundations, has supported programming at the center despite the fact that the foundation does not generally support programs for teens, but rather, focuses its charitable giving on programs that provide early childhood development. This support is testament to XYZ's importance to prevention services in our community.

If I can answer any questions or provide additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Foundation President

Letter Example 4

The fourth sample is really two samples in one. The letters were required by the federal government and are, in essence, an agreement to partner on the project proposed.


Dear name:

The process of grant-proposal development is often beneficial, and the FAST opportunity has proved to be perhaps the most beneficial development process ever. As a result of discussions about our various programs, efforts, and goals, the state Small Business Development Center (SBDC) and the state Economic Development Corporation (EDC) have joined in partnership to focus on commercializing technologies developed by state-based entrepreneurs.

The state SBDC will continue to work one on one with potential and current small-business owners, and, with four new staff members, will intensify its efforts and expand its support network for technology innovators. The support network for technology innovators is automatically strengthened by the partnership with the state EDC, which has initiated the state Life Science Corridor, the Emerging Technology Fund, Smart Zones, and Venture Quest, among its other efforts to strengthen our state's place in the “new economy.”

The SBDC operates from twelve regional offices and thirty-one satellite offices throughout the state, each of which is affiliated with a regional college or university. Four technology-resources counselors (two hired by the state SBDC and two hired from grant funds, if we are successful) will cover the entire state, working closely with regional directors, small-business counselors, and innovators to deliver the right combination of services needed to develop and commercialize innovative technologies.

We look forward to our working partnership with the state EDC, as we believe this is the best way to identify, reach, and support technology innovators and, ultimately, to bring life-enhancing and, sometimes, life-saving innovations to people who will benefit from them.


State Director


Dear name:

The state Economic Development Corporation (EDC) is proud to announce its newly created working partnership with the state Small Business Development Center (SBDC) — a strong addition to the statewide network of initiatives already launched in support of technology innovation and economic development in our state.

The state's economic-development entity, the EDC, has developed several entrepreneurial initiatives, including the state Life Science Corridor, Emerging Technology Challenge Fund, Smart Zones, Venture Quest, and a number of venture-and angel-capital-formation activities, as well as support for SBIR/STTR and other R&D grant seeking.

While we have undertaken creation of this large, statewide support system, we have not had a great deal of one-on-one experience with technology innovators. The partnership with the state SBDC allows us to deploy responses and resources individualized to the needs of each technology innovator.

The two organizations share a goal for commercializing technology innovations and securing the state's place in the “new economy.” We are excited about this emerging partnership and its many possibilities.

Thank you for your review of our enclosed grant application. We look forward to your response.


State EDC President

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