The Progress Report

Many grantmakers require that you submit periodic reports of your organization's progress with the program that has been funded. Unless you are also implementing the project, take your list of goals and objectives and interview your client about their progress toward each. Include the following topics in all progress reports:

  • Progress toward stated goals and objectives

  • Changes in the environment, funding, staffing levels, or other factors that limited progress and the ways in which they did

  • Unanticipated successes and the reasons for them

  • Anecdotal evidence of success (stories from participants)

  • Long-term sustainability plans and steps taken in the interim to sustain the project

  • Use of funds

  • Any special terms or conditions of the grant agreement

  • Lessons learned

  • The federal government has developed a standard reporting form for many of its grants. On them, you report progress toward the benchmarks, objectives, and/or outcomes you promised in your proposal. The reports require little narrative. Try to download a reporting form before you write a federal proposal so that you are sure you are framing your outcomes in a way that can be measured on the reporting form.

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