What to Expect

The number and types of forms accompanying a grant package vary, but you will always have at least two: a cover sheet and a budget form. Neither can be entirely completed until the grant package is nearly finished. Budget development takes place concurrently with the program development and is not final until late in the process. The cover sheet usually contains a budget-summary section, so that portion will not be ready early. You can and should, however, read the cover sheet much earlier so you can determine what information you will need to gather in order to complete the form in its entirety. Other forms that may accompany grant-application packages include the following:

  • Assurances

  • Project-summary form

  • Informational grids

  • Checklists

  • Certifications

  • Federal grant RFPs usually have a separate packet of forms. If you down-load the RFP from the Internet, be sure to also download the “application,” which will be provided as a separate document.

    Grants.gov permits electronic applications. When you submit electronically, you must have prepared your cover sheets and other documents so you can complete the electronic forms completely. If they are not complete, the Web site will reject your submission.

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