Sample Budget and Narrative

Note that in this sample budget for a mobile media-laboratory project, it has columns for total cost, money requested from the funder, the nonprofit's contribution, and a “community match.”

Community match, in this case, is listed separately. It indicates that ABC nonprofit understands that, in order to completely implement the project, it must identify and apply for additional funding contributions above those requested of this funder and provided by the applicant.

Also note that although purchase of a van and equipment is the first logical step in the process of launching a mobile media laboratory, the funder has already indicated that it does not issue grants to support capital purchases. Therefore, the organization applied for funding based on the stated interests of the grantor and is determined to seek capital funding elsewhere.

A budget narrative is shown following the grid sample and describes the rationale for each line item.

ABC Nonprofit provides $50,000 in-kind and cash match and requests a grant of $80,000 to launch the project described: $65,000 to fully implement the project and achieve the stated outcomes will be sought from ABC's community partners and foundations. Line-item detail follows:

Capital Purchases: ABC requires a van and equipment to launch the mobile media laboratory. A small portion ($5,000) of the total $50,000 capital expenditures is requested of the XYZ Foundation.

Promotion: The Mobile Media Laboratory is an opportunity for both ABC Nonprofit and the XYZ Foundation to build and enhance community relations. ABC, therefore, requests $10,000 from the XYZ Foundation for publicity, promotion, and community awareness. Furthermore, ABC will ensure that the project is called the “XYZ Foundation-sponsored Mobile Media Lab,” a tagline that will be printed in all promotional materials and painted on the media van.

Staff: ABC has been granted the services of two Americorp volunteers whom it will assign to the project. The equivalent pay of an estimated $40,000 over two years is contributed by ABC to the project. ABC requests $60,000 from the funder to pay for two years' service from a project coordinator.

Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance and costs are charged to ABC and its community partners.

Overhead: ABC requests $5,000 of the $80,000 grant award to be allocated for fiscal oversight and program reporting.

Community Match: ABC Nonprofit and its technology planning partners described in this proposal are in the process of applying to area foundations and corporations for support of a comprehensive project to narrow the digital divide.

As a part of that overall plan, the mobile media-lab project will receive portions of support granted to the partners. Other funding sources will include rental revenues and reduced costs for staffing afforded by the use of community and recently granted Americorps/Vista volunteers.

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