Linking Evaluation to Goals and Objectives

If you've written strong goals and objectives, half the work of writing the evaluation section is complete. Return to your project plan. Pull out every objective or outcome, and repeat it in this section. Use the indicators you developed for the objectives/outcomes, if any, or establish indicators in the evaluation section as the measures of effectiveness for each of your objectives.

The strongest grant proposals make the link between the project goals and objectives and the evaluation plan. If your goal is to increase use of the public transportation system and you have objectives regarding marketing, additional stops for buses, new times for bus routes, and similar efforts, you can develop an evaluation plan that addresses the overall success toward reaching your goal. In this case, you would measure ridership both before (baseline) and after implementation of the objectives. Then you can determine whether the steps the transit authority took had the desired effect on the goal (that is, increasing use of the public transportation system).

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