Why Choose a Government Job?

Government jobs offer stability unmatched by most private companies. As long as there is a government, there will be government jobs. Often, people have the perception that these jobs pay little and offer little opportunity for advancement. The private sector thus seems like a better choice to many workers. But it all depends on one's point of view. Government jobs can offer many people the chance to improve their pay and benefits, and for some, government jobs can be the stepping-stone to opportunities in the private sector.

Government jobs also give employees the opportunity to make a difference. Private-sector jobs might offer workers the chance to become wealthy, but civil service jobs offer financial rewards to employees, as well as opportunities to serve their country, state, or community while doing something they love.

People who love the outdoors have the opportunity to work as park rangers, for example, protecting America's landmarks while informing visitors of their significance. For those who want to help others more directly, the government offers the chance to become police officers, firefighters, and protectors of homeland security.


In the private sector, trade unions are often the engine for employee stability and security. A 2005 transportation workers' union strike in New York City caused a lot of grumbling, but the strike was an effort to ensure that transportation workers were treated equitably. Labor unions have been instrumental in creating humane conditions for workers and ending child labor.

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