Distance from the Ball

A lot of beginning and intermediate golfers first determine how far to stand from the golf ball and then make everything else about their swing conform to the distance. This is incorrect. When you set up properly, the length of each club will dictate precisely the body's distance from the ball. Put your hands in the right position, tilt the body properly, and make the small adjustments necessary with your feet to approach the ball.

The club and body positions will have you zeroed in perfectly for every shot. If your hands are only a couple of inches from your leg, your arms are hanging straight down, and your body is tilted at a forty-five degree angle, the head of the club will fall where the ball is supposed to be.

Play the driver off the front heel; all the rest are two inches behind. Be sure to keep your hands aligned with the trousers’ crease for every normal shot. Do not shift your hands for each club. This will vary the low point of the swing and make for inconsistent shots.


Let the length of the club dictate the ball's distance from your body.

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