Work Dogs Work

The Golden Retriever is by far the biggest overachiever in the world of working dogs. Never has there been a dog with quite the same desire to please or such an exceptional ability to perform the task presented to them. These are dogs that love to be with people in any capacity. They will accompany their humans to the ends of the earth, doing whatever crazy job we have dreamed up for them to do. The Golden likes to work, and many who are left without anything to do will show their displeasure by getting into trouble and otherwise wreaking havoc. If you've chosen this wonderful breed to live with, and you find yourself with more dog than you bargained for, consider what your dog was bred for, and find some meaningful work for him to do. How terrible it must be for a dog to have so much talent, drive, and dedication to work for people but so little opportunity to exercise it. If you are the owner of an unemployed Golden, find some gainful employment for your dog, and reap the rewards of a well-adjusted and contented companion.

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