Protecting Foot Pads

The bottom of a dog's feet are very sensitive. It is important to check your Golden Retriever's paws weekly to be sure that the pads are not cracked and bleeding. In wintertime, a Golden's feet are especially susceptible to cracking and soreness because of the heavy use of rock salt. Some people find that coating their dog's feet with Vaseline before venturing out helps prevent the development of sore feet. If your Golden Retriever likes to dig, he is likely at some point to cut a foot pad on a rock or other sharp object. The skin on the bottom of your dog's foot is callused and dead and cannot heal by being sutured. This part of the body heals from the inside out. It must be bandaged and given time to mend.

Consider using a dog bootie to cover the bandage if your dog cuts the pad of his foot. This accessory will allow him to move about freely outdoors without getting his bandage wet and needing to have it changed every time he goes out. Using dog booties in winter may also be an option if you live in the city and can't avoid walking on sidewalks loaded with rock salt.

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