Giving Your Golden Retriever a Bath

Goldens don't need to be bathed all that often, maybe every eight to ten weeks (unless they roll in something smelly). Most mud and dirt is easily brushed out of their coat if you allow it to dry first. You can bathe your Golden indoors or out, depending on the season, but either way you will probably want to do so with your dog on leash to prevent escape.

To give your Golden a bath, you may want the assistance of a helper to hold your dog while you wet him down and scrub. The helper may feed the dog to help keep him in the tub and otherwise comfort him. Thoroughly wet the coat to the skin, then apply a shampoo designed for dogs. Starting with the head, work it into the coat. Lather the shampoo and cover him from head to toe, including between his toes.

Thoroughly rinse the coat with warm water, and then let your dog shake off the excess water. Use a towel to wipe off the remaining water, but use a patting motion to dry rather than rubbing one to avoid matting the fur. Gently brush the wet coat, and put your dog somewhere to dry.

When dry, brush the coat completely, including under the belly, tail, and feathering.

Don't give your Golden a bath too often! Frequent bathing can destroy the natural oils in their skin making it dry and itchy.

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