How Can It Help?

The purpose of alternative therapies is to fill in the gaps left by Western medicine. They are not intended to take the place of Western medicine when it is clearly called for. If an animal has a broken leg or an infection, it needs surgery or antibiotics. No amount of homeopathy or acupuncture is going to replace that need. However, alternative therapies can be used to help support the body as it heals. The goal is to restore the body's balance, so that health can be maintained once it is achieved. For instance, that animal with a broken leg might benefit from acupuncture or a chiropractic adjustment as it heals, since its body will have had to compensate for the lack of use of that limb causing stress on other joints and muscles.

Alternative treatments are only beneficial if the overall goal is holistic. The key is consideration of the entire animal and ensuring that the body remains in a good state of health.

Alternative therapies can further support Western medicine or eliminate the need for long-term treatment. Diabetes is a good example. This disease is often treated with insulin, but alternative therapies can restore the balance of health to the point where insulin dosages are decreased or even eliminated over time. A knowledgeable holistic veterinarian will know when to use a certain alternative therapy and when an entirely different approach is needed. Healing and restoring animals to health is an art as well as a science — the approach and the decisions made have an effect upon a being that cannot make its own decisions. Your Golden is entirely reliant upon your ability to choose well for him and on your holistic veterinarian's ability to treat his ailments and diseases. Consider all options, and make good decisions about the professionals you entrust with your beloved Golden companion. His good health depends on it.

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