Five Seals and Gnostic Rituals

Baptism and the “renunciations of the five seals” must have been significant to gaining gnosis and the transcendental experience so desired by the Gnostics. The five seals may have been five ritualistic initiation rites. The five seals may correspond with the five sacraments associated with the Gnostics that have been mentioned in previous chapters.

The Gnostics could have intended for the Gospel of the Egyptians to be studied as a preparation for baptism. Baptism was an extremely important, necessary, and desirable Gnostic ritual. The gospel reveals that Seth established a rite of baptism, and it was holier even than heaven. Although a baptismal practice seems straightforward enough, the meaning of the five seals, even used in conjunction with the baptismal information, remains obfuscated, perhaps deliberately veiled in mystery.

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