Much Ado about a Kiss

The Gospel of Philip suggests a close relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus. In fact, it has often been cited as a source for the belief in popular culture that the two may have been married. The gospel states that Jesus' mother, her sister, and Mary Magdalene always walked with him and further states that Mary Magdalene was his companion (sometimes also translated as consort). In Chapter Seven, you learned that the Gospel of Philip contains the now famous phrase that Jesus loved Mary Magdalene more than the other disciples and kissed her often on the … — then there is a lacuna (hole) in the manuscript.

In ancient times, texts often bore the names of an individual or individuals seen as authorities for the work so that the author could further a particular point of view. Materials might thus be linked to an individual such as an apostle of Jesus, a disciple of an important apostle, or student of a famous teacher where no linkage could actually be made.

The point is that Jesus kissed a woman who was not his mother or his sister and he kissed her often, to the consternation of the other disciples. They struggled to understand why. The gospel states that they asked Jesus why did he love her more than he loved them. He responded by asking them why he doesn't love them as her, then he tells them a parable about how when a sighted and a blind person are together in darkness, they are not different, yet when the light comes, the sighted one sees and the blind individual does not see.

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