Your Paranormal Self-Education

If you decide you want to pursue a career as a paranormal investigator, either as a hobby or as a profession, it is very important to gather a library of reference materials and educate yourself about the many sorts of unexplained phenomena and hauntings.

Today there are some truly wonderful books and reference materials available. Bookstores and online sources such as make these reference materials, magazines, books, and websites available to everyone. It is a totally fascinating field, and we are fortunate to have more material available to us today than at any time in history.

Beginning the Journey

If you have an inquiring and open mind, you have a very fascinating experience ahead of you. There is much to learn and much to explore. In addition, what you learn will change how you view the world, yourself, and the people around you.

So where should you begin? You'll find a reading list of reference material at the back of the book, but a few authors stand out. They have written extensively about the paranormal and are consistently informative, intelligent, and honest.

The occult books by British author Colin Wilson are very thorough and insightful. Mysteries, The Occult, and Poltergeist are particularly recommended. D. Scott Rogo's The Welcoming Silence: A Study of Psychical Phenomena and Survival of Death and The Haunted House Handbook and Loyd Auerbach's ESP, Hauntings and Poltergeists are excellent works for people seeking to get an overview.

As you read books on the paranormal, keep paper and pen handy to take notes on ideas and concepts that you find of particular interest or would like to follow up on.

Are ghosts and poltergeists the same thing?

Some investigators say they are different. Poltergeists are classified as nonhuman entities that produce destructive phenomena. They are capable of starting fires, rearranging furniture, throwing objects, and producing human-sounding voices. Poltergeists are usually heard but not seen.

Internet Research

Make sure the sites you look at have credibility and are run by people with a background in, respect for, and history within the paranormal community. Research which websites have long histories of credibility and which organizations have been around for years and have proven themselves. The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) website has a great deal of information, as do the sites run by Troy Taylor and the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group (T.R.I.P.R.G.).

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