Sensitivity to the Supernatural

Some people are born with a unique sensitivity to the supernatural and some develop it through hard work and rigorous training. Most people are aware of and use the five ordinary senses they are born with, but now it is generally accepted that a sixth sense exists as well; it just lies latent in most people and is seldom accessed.

We have all experienced it at one point or another. For instance, we know who is calling when the phone rings, or a commercial we are thinking about suddenly appears on the television. These sorts of things happen often in our daily lives, and we chalk them up to coincidence. Sometimes that's just what it is.

But what if coincidence isn't a convincing explanation? Is there really an intuitive sense? Perhaps this sense is part of every human being, and it can be used as a practical tool.

Intuition or Coincidence?

If this sixth sense does exist and isn't just coincidence, how can you plug it into your intellect to help you interpret the data correctly? Can you actually learn to develop your intuition and sensitivity? Here are the first steps:

  • Acknowledge that the ability exists. Without this vital first step, you cannot move forward and trust the information you're receiving.

  • Listen to your gut feeling. Intuition comes in flashes. When it sweeps over you, note it. Analyze it. Respect it.

  • Engage your intellect. It must be brought in to analyze the information correctly. Trust that something significant has occurred and attempt to figure out exactly what it means.

Remember that in order for your mind to listen to your intuitive feelings, it must value those feelings. Your mind needs a logical reason to value the information. The best way to convince your mind to pay attention to intuitions is to introduce it to the origins of these feelings.

Tapping the Source

Where does the psychic or intuitive information come from? There are different theories, but we can perhaps condense it into three sources.

  1. The Subconscious Mind

    Our minds are like organic computers that store the details of every experience we've ever had. Our conscious minds allow us to quietly store all this extra data in our huge biological hard drive. If the subconscious is prompted, it will allow the conscious mind the necessary access to all kinds of helpful information.

  2. Telepathy or ESP

    One theory posits that thoughts are energy. They have a bandwidth or frequency that is similar to a broadcast signal. Perhaps, when others are operating at the same bandwidth, we may experience a bleed-through effect, similar to what happens when a radio signal allows us to hear two stations at once.

    Franz Anton Mesmer discovered what he called magnétisme animal (animal magnetism), which came to be called mesmerism. The evolution of his ideas and practices led to the development of hypnotism in 1842. Under hypnosis, patients in trance states have been known to communicate with spirits through speech and automatic writing.

    Some have speculated that this is what creates mass consciousness, also known as groupthink. This is the phenomenon of a large number of people thinking in similar ways. These mental energy signals may influence many aspects of our lives: social and moral values, politics, and religious beliefs. It is just a theory, but it might be one explanation for some very disturbing periods in human history, such as the rise of Nazi Germany.

    If we can consciously tune in or block the signal, we are in much better control of our thoughts and intuitions.

  3. The Superconscious Mind

    The third source of psychic intuition may come from the superconscious. It is theorized that everyone has access to a higher source of knowledge.

    Information from the superconscious level of psychic guidance is said to influence your consciousness for your own higher good and helps you make observations and choices from a fresh perspective. This influence can be perceived as an inspiration, warning, or sudden flash of insight.

Supernatural Studies

What is ectoplasm made of?

No one knows for certain. The physical existence of ectoplasm is not accepted by mainstream science. Psychics say it is a substance that holds energy derived from the medium.

Princeton University maintains one of the most well established research centers, known as Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research (PEAR). After 25 years of researching unexplained phenomena and anomalies, PEAR's laboratory manager, Brenda Dunne, explains that PEAR is trying to acquire reliable information that shows human consciousness is: 1) capable of somehow changing or affecting things in the physical world, or 2) is capable of getting information about remote locations without actually being there physically.

The research at prestigious institutions of higher learning such as Princeton lends credibility to the pursuit of information about all paranormal phenomena using scientific methods and protocols.

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