Video and Still Photography

A picture is worth a thousand words. That's never more true than when it is applied to pictures of the paranormal. Although in the digital age people may tend to be suspicious of all images in general and ghost photos in particular, it is still truly stunning to see video or still photos of apparitions or ghosts. A controversy rages in the paranormal community over the use of the new digital photography.

Researcher Troy Taylor argues that camera images of more than five megapixels have sufficient resolution and clarity to be used by investigators. He has admitted that the technology has evolved, and newer models are no longer plagued by problems with false orbs. Some models also offer other important features, such as a night shot mode.

According to paranormal investigator Kenneth Biddle, digital cameras with a flash often give the photographer a false positive result. Items with reflective qualities such as brass, chrome, silverware, and even highly polished wood will return a reflection if a flash is used. “If the surface is close enough,” says Biddle, “you get an ‘apparition’ in your photograph.”


More expensive digital cameras offer a format known as raw. These files are uncompressed and any anomalous raw image that is examined using this format can be easily authenticated.

Complete Data

A bonus feature of digital files is that vital information is embedded within them. They can tell you about the camera make and model, the date and time the image was shot, what camera settings were used, whether flash was used, and the ISO settings. If an attempt is made to manipulate the image, the EXIF data records this information as well. You can easily analyze a digital image to see if it has been manipulated.

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