EVPs and the Ghost Box

In order to capture electronic voice phenomena, you must have the right equipment. This starts with your digital recorder. There are two kinds — those with the USB option and those without it. The ones with a USB connection allow the digital sound files to be transferred from the recorder directly to the computer very quickly. The recorders without a USB option must actually play the sound into your computer to transfer the files. This means that it takes as long to transfer your recording as it did to record it initially. In addition, there may be a loss of sound quality; this is not the case when you transfer files via the USB connection.

The recorders with USB transfer capability cost about $60, while recorders without it cost about $40. The time you will save by being able to transfer your files quickly makes the modest price difference worth it. If you own a Mac, make sure the recorder and software you buy are compatible with Apple computers.

White Noise Generators

What we don't see when watching television shows about the paranormal is the fact that many investigators like to work with some sort of white noise generator behind the scenes while doing their EVP work. Why? White noise generators are said to give the spirits something to work with, perhaps the raw material out of which to build the sounds that are later discovered on the recordings.

Ongoing EVP work is one of the most exciting things in the field of psychic research. You don't need a lot of fancy equipment to do your own investigations and analysis of your results.

Generating white noise of some sort has become practically standard practice for investigators trying to capture EVPs. Software that generates this noise can be found for free or on a trial basis on the Internet. Spirits are said to manipulate the noise to generate speech.

The electronic voice phenomena researcher simply needs an audio recorder, preferably a digital one, with an external microphone, if possible. To do your analysis and data storage, you will also need a computer and audio software.

It is possible to tune a radio to an unused station to generate white noise, or you may simply go to the Internet to find white noise generator software.

The Ghost Box

The latest breakthrough development in EVP phenomena is the so-called ghost box. This device is said to greatly increase one's chance of recording an EVP. It produces random voltage to create white noise (static) from an AM tuner, which is then amplified, fed into an echo chamber, and recorded. Its fans say the device, which scans through live radio frequencies, allows spirits to pull the words they want to use from the broadcasts in order to string together a message that can be heard. What sets the ghost box apart from simple EVP devices is that the response is audible to the listener. The theory posits that this can lead to the opportunity for real-time conversations. It allows two-way communication with spirits of the departed, a true breakthrough.

The experience is, as one report states, “not unlike chatting with someone by walkie-talkie.” A degree of training is required to catch the messages, which are sometimes heavily overlaid with static-filled background noise. But after a bit of experimenting, the responses become increasingly more intelligible, and sentences and answers to questions can be discerned. Voices that are heard over the ghost box can have a very strange quality to them and may sound mechanical. More often than not, EVPs sound like a person speaking, complete with regional accents.

Frank Sumption was allegedly inspired to invent the ghost box when he read an article in the October 1995 edition of Popular Electronics, which asked, “Are the dead trying to communicate with us through electronic means? Try these experiments and see for yourself.” Sumption experimented with Stefan Bion's EVPMaker software, with remarkable results.

There are many other versions of the ghost box these days, but most work on the premise that entities can use the radio signals to boost their ability to communicate.

The messages ghost boxes transmit are unbelievably diverse. Just as in the realm of mediumship, there seem to be some entities who are in control and act as gatekeepers, bringing other spirits through to communicate. Notably, ghost box operators in far-flung locations have recorded some of these same guides or controllers.

Go to Frank Sumption's Yahoo Group, http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/evp-itc/, to familiarize yourself with the whole ghost box concept. Keyport Paranormal (www.keyportparanormal.com) has information on how to make your own ghost box with schematics, examples of audio files captured from a ghost box made from a Radio Shack radio, and links to EVP software.

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