Dangerous Entities

You should steer clear of demonics, intelligent hauntings with a score to settle, and sometimes even elementals. It is widely believed that ghosts can't harm you, but even paranormal investigators who have taken every safety precaution and prepared themselves in every way should be prepared to meet an entity that will cause them to retreat. The Sci Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters are known for a phrase that pretty well sums it up: “When in doubt, get the hell out!”

It is possible to sustain physical, mental, or emotional harm in the course of an investigation. Be cautious, careful, and respectful. Be aware that on rare occasions, bad things can happen to good investigators. In a later chapter, we will discuss steps you should take to protect yourself and safety procedures you should follow.

The entities in inhuman hauntings, also known as demons or elementals, are powerful forces of unknown origin. One thing we do know is that these entities may try to harm or possess humans. They can be a serious threat and have caused harm and even death. They are not in the same class as the entities of intelligent human hauntings, commonly called ghosts, or the memory remnants of the residual haunting. They are far more powerful and dangerous.

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