Getting Physical: Positioning

Ah, you're thinking, this is the easy part of trying to get pregnant — sex! For many people getting pregnant can be as easy as having sexual intercourse without using birth control. Ideally, you fall into this category. You will likely have to try more than once to get pregnant. Knowing what there is to know about how and when to have sex can aid you in your journey to becoming pregnant.

The Male Reproductive System

Most people do not think too much about the position they use for sex. They do whatever feels good or right at the time. Baby-making sex should not be that much different, though the goal here is to keep the semen near the cervix.

If you and your partner are not having fertility problems, chances are any position you use will be fine. However, if you are trying to speed the process along, good positioning can help. Knowing a few facts about the body and how everything works together in the process is always beneficial.

The Female Reproductive System

Missionary Position

If the goal of sexual intercourse is to achieve a pregnancy, then the missionary, or man on top, position is a great idea. This position allows you and your partner to have face-to-face contact for intimacy and also allows the sperm to be deposited deeper inside the vagina than other positions.

When your partner ejaculates in this position the semen is left near the mouth of the cervix. You may also choose to lift your buttocks slightly by placing a pillow under your buttocks. This creates a slightly greater chance that the cervix is directly in contact with the semen.

Placing a pillow under your buttocks after having sexual intercourse — no matter what position you had sex in — can help your chances of conceiving. It is not necessary to lie so far back that you feel like you are standing on your head. You only need to do this for about 30 minutes to achieve the benefits.

It is usually no problem for your partner to achieve an orgasm in the missionary position. However, you may have more difficulty achieving orgasm in this position. Sometimes the pillow trick will angle your pelvis so that your clitoris gets more stimulation during sex, which can make this position more enjoyable for you.

Woman on Top

Having the woman in the dominant position is counterproductive for baby-making sex. When you are on top of your partner and straddling him, you are not using gravity in your favor. This means that the semen ejaculated is being deposited in the right place but it's not staying there because you are upright.

This situation can sometimes be rectified if you immediately lay down after your partner has an orgasm. Be aware that that often leads to some funny orchestrations of movements. It can also remove some of the spontaneity and romance. This position is usually a great position for you to be able to achieve orgasm with manual stimulation from your partner.

Hands and Knees

Hands and knees can be a perfect position if you are trying to achieve a pregnancy. This position is also known as “doggie style.” Hands and knees is also a great position for you to achieve an orgasm with manual stimulation.

The hands and knees position also allows for deeper penetration of the penis into your vagina. This means that more semen is deposited near your cervix — a good thing when conception is your goal! When using this position you can alleviate the need to lie on your back propped up by a pillow if you maintain this position for a few minutes after your partner ejaculates.

Anal sex will not help you achieve pregnancy. While it will not harm your chances of getting pregnant in and of itself, care needs to be taken to wash the penis after anal sex with soap and water. The anus has bacteria in it that can cause infection in the vagina and inhibit the chances of you getting pregnant.

Standing Up

Standing positions for sexual intercourse can be fun and exciting. They are counterproductive for baby-making sex, however. When you are standing up, the semen falls away from the cervix. This makes it more difficult, but not impossible, for the sperm to reach the egg. If you are having problems with achieving pregnancy, this is one position that you will likely wish to avoid during peak ovulatory times. Save this position for the non-fertile periods of your cycle.

Side Lying

The side lying position can be a great position for many reasons. It's a bit trickier to use at first but once you get used to using this position, it's quite simple and allows you to remain laying down to help prevent the semen from seeping out. Again, keeping the semen inside your body and near the cervix is the goal.

If during sex in other positions, you find that your partner's penis is hitting your cervix or that sex is uncomfortable because of the deeper penetration, try using the side lying position. As the cervix moves in conjunction with your cycle, you may find that different positions are better during different parts of your cycle.

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