Special Programs

Another possible source of funding to help you pay for infertility testing and treatment are special programs. These may be run by universities or other groups doing studies, or even by drug companies. Programs like these might pay for all or some of your treatments.

Medical Studies

Occasionally, you may be able to find a university or other group doing a study that you can take part in. The researchers may be studying your particular diagnosis, or they might be studying a new medication or procedure that could help you achieve a pregnancy.

To find out if there are any of these types of programs near you, you should call your local medical school and ask to speak to someone who is doing human research in reproductive endocrinology, or whatever subject your fertility issue would fall under, like urology. You may be referred to a general human studies center or you may be put through to a research nurse. You will likely be interviewed to see if you qualify for the study.

If you are lucky enough to find something that can help you foot at least part of your bill, you will likely have to give something in return. Typically, this is information in the way of data from your testing or procedures. This may mean that you have to have more blood work or additional procedures like ultrasounds so the researchers can get the data they need. You will also be asked to sign multiple waivers and releases.

Scholarships and Drug Companies

Another way to find some help in paying for your medical expenses is to talk to the drug companies. Since the medications that are often required for the most advanced reproductive technologies can be a large portion of the bill, this can be a big help. Several companies have programs set up to help you cover the costs of these medications.

Ask your fertility team if they are aware of any such programs. If they are, ask for contact information through their contact person, normally a drug representative through a particular company. If your team is not aware of any such programs, have them ask. It certainly can't hurt, and it can only stand to benefit you and other patients in their practice.

These types of programs may have certain stipulations. For example, couples may have to meet certain income requirements — having a combined income under a certain amount to qualify. It may also be diagnosis related or even age related. Follow up and see what you need to do to apply for such programs if you find them available to you and your partner.

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