The Position of Your Cervix

Another great fertility signal your body offers is the positioning of your cervix. The mouth to your uterus actually moves within your vagina. During the majority of your cycle the cervix is less accessible to sperm. As you get closer to ovulation, the cervix moves. The opening becomes oriented more toward the center of the vagina, when sperm is most likely to be deposited.

Checking your cervix is relatively simple. To check the position of your cervix, you simply wash your hands and insert your index finger. If you have trouble reaching your cervix, look for alternative positions. Feel for the opening of the cervix in relation to the vagina.

Checking the position of your cervix is not necessarily something that you can do in one day. The idea is to get an impression of when changes are taking place. You will begin to notice this over time. You will also be able to tell when the position is being altered for reasons other than fertility, for example, when your bowels are full.

There can be different indications that the position of your cervix has changed. Sometimes you or your partner might notice it during sexual intercourse. You may find that the tip of his penis seems to be hitting something. That something is usually your cervix during fertile times. Keep in mind that this contact will not hurt your cervix.

If your partner is checking the position of your cervix he will notice these changes over time as well. So it is best to have the same person, whether you or him, check the position of the cervix during a given cycle. This will help with consistency and ease of charting.

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