Unsuccessful Cycles

After all the emotional ups and downs of your IVF cycle, a negative result may leave you feeling empty and devastated. It is normal to feel the hard blow of the loss of a pregnancy. Your body is exhausted from the medications. Your mind is exhausted from the thoughts and keeping track of all the medications. You and your partner are probably feeling spent in every sense of the word.

Most fertility clinics will have you return for a follow-up visit after an unsuccessful cycle. Usually, this visit is to talk about the cycle and analyze what happened and maybe what could have been done differently. You may even plan for future cycles.

You might choose to immediately go to another cycle. You might even choose to try other therapies. You may just need a chance to stop and breathe, take a break from the fast pace of the IVF cycle. You may decide to stop trying altogether. All of these are normal variations.

Seeking out the emotional support of other women who have been through the same, shared experience can be helpful. You can do this through a real-life network or online group. You may choose to seek the advice of the mental health professionals utilized by your fertility clinic. Whatever you choose to do, remember to acknowledge the pain and emotional tenderness you are feeling. Allow your partner and friends to comfort you and pamper you.

While the whole in vitro fertilization process is long and involved, the complexities can offer hope to many families who previously could not have children. When this is combined with other technologies, you can conceive even when you have had previously untreatable problems like male factor infertility. Though this technology offers new hope, it is not without pain and side effects. It can lead to pregnancy or failure. The emotional aspects should also be considered when dealing with such morally intriguing technologies.

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