Adjectives and the Accusative Case

When you place an adjective before a day, the word die Woche (week), a month, or the word das Jahr (year), the phrase has to be in the accusative case. That's important for masculine nouns, because remember that the article changes from der to den. You'll learn more about adjective endings in Chapter 18, but for now note that the gender and accusative case are indicated by endings on the adjectives here. Look at the examples in Table 12-7. Listen to your CD for the German pronunciation.

Table 12-7. Time Expressions with Adjectives

German Expression English Expression letzten Montag last Monday letzten Dienstag last Tuesday letzten Mittwoch last Wednesday diesen Donnerstag this Thursday diesen Freitag this Friday diesen Sonnabend this Saturday nächsten Sonntag next Sunday nächsten Montag next Monday nächsten Freitag next Friday letzte Woche last week diese Woche this week nächste Woche next week letzten Januar last January diesen Mai this May nächsten August next August letztes Jahr last year dieses Jahr this year nächstes Jahr next year
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