The Importance of a Job

Training your German shepherd constantly and consistently will provide you with a well-behaved, delightful pet. Training helps you maintain your leadership role, and it is a daily reminder for your dog of his place in the family. As valuable as this training is for you, it is even more valuable for your shepherd. Through training, you are giving him the one thing he desires above all else: a job.

The German shepherd was bred for nearly a century to be a working dog. Whether for herding, serving as a K-9, or working as a service dog for the blind, the German shepherd has always been happiest when he is challenged mentally and physically every day. In today's world, there aren't too many of these canine positions available. You have to think of other ways to occupy your shepherd that work with your schedule.

The German shepherd needs to be kept active at all times. If you don't find something for him to do, he will go looking for something to do. Often, the jobs he gives himself are not ones that you would have assigned, such as landscaping (digging holes in your garden), woodworking (chewing windowsills and table legs), and athletic conditioning (scaling the fence). Training your shepherd to respond to basic commands is a great way to keep control of him and protect your personal belongings and space.

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