Benefits of a Well-trained Dog

A German shepherd that is given the opportunity to challenge his mind as well as body is a very happy shepherd. The owner who takes the time to give this training to her shepherd is richly rewarded as well.

Solid training makes it easier to continue socializing your shepherd. Practicing even basic obedience commands while on a walk will impress the neighbors and present your shepherd in a much different light. He is the good shepherd, and you are the responsible owner; this is the way a German shepherd and his owner should be seen.

It's also much easier to have a well-trained dog around the house. Training is more work initially, but in the long run, you'll be much better off. Constantly trying to keep up with an unruly, ill-tempered shepherd is no fun — not to mention dealing with the damage he is likely to cause. Training is the key ingredient when it comes to raising a happy shepherd and maintaining a happy family.

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