Expressions with Tun

The verb tun means “to do” and has a variety of uses with that meaning. However, it appears in special expressions where that meaning is often changed.




ich tue [TOO eh]

tat [taht]

du tust [toost]

tatst [tahtst]

er, sie, es tut [toot]

tat [taht]

wir tun [toon]

taten [TAHT en]

ihr tut [toot]

tatet [TAHT et]

Sie tun [toon]

taten [TAHT en]

sie tun [toon]

taten [TAHT en]

What are you doing here? Was tun Sie hier? vuss toon zee heer

What should I do? Was soll ich tun? vuss zawl eech toon

There's nothing you can do about it. Dagegen kannst du nichts tun. dah GAY ghen kahnst doo nihchst toon

Go on! Tu's doch! toose dawch

I'm busy. Ich habe zu tun. eech HAH beh tsoo toon

Don't do this to me. Tu mir das nicht an! too meer duss nihcht ahn

She's got a heart problem. Sie hat es mit dem Herzen zu tun. zee haht ess mitt dame HARE tsen tsoo toon


to have its effect

seine Wirkung tun

ZINE eh VIRK oong toon

to do a favor

einen Gefallen tun

INE en gheh FULL en toon

to put water in the pot

Wasser in den Topf tun

VUSS uh in dane tawpf toon

to act as if

tun, als ob

toon ahls awp

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