Double or Quits

Rating: 8+

In this game, all the cards count for their face value from Ace (one) up to Ten. The Jack counts for eleven; the Queen, twelve; and the King, thirteen. Each succeeding card placed on the foundation must be double the value of the card preceding it. The exposed card of the stock and the auxiliary cards are available for play. Use one deck of cards for this game.

Traditional setup for double or quits

Place six cards in two columns of three each, and a seventh card between the top cards of the columns. These seven cards are auxiliaries, and as vacancies occur you will fill them from the pack. Lay an eighth cardbetween the four lower cards of the columns; this is the foundation on which you will build. In this game, cards go by value only, regardless of suit. Unsuitable cards form a stock.

If any one of the auxiliary cards first laid out is a King, place it at the bottom of the pack and substitute another card. If, in the course of play, a King becomes an auxiliary card, it must remain so.

Though winning is dependent mostly upon luck, this game of solitaire allows for pretty good chances. You have approximately a 50 percent chance of winning each time.

If the double of a card is more than thirteen, the excess of the double over thirteen denotes the card required. For example, suppose the last card played on the foundation was a Nine. The double of nine is eighteen, which is five more than thirteen, so the next required card must be a Five; the next following, the double of five, and so on.

Two redeals are allowed, if necessary. If no play has been possible after the second deal, the game is blocked and ended.

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