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This lawn game is played with one or two players to a team. To play, you'll need a badminton net, rackets, and shuttlecocks (birdies). Most people set up a badminton net in their backyard and use the space on either side as the court. Each team gets one side of the court as their territory.

Badminton rackets and shuttlecocks

In badminton, there are three ways to score a point:

1. When the birdie lands inside the court of the nonserving team (having gone over the net).

2. When the nonserving team hits the birdie outside of the serving team's court area (or under the net).

3. If the nonserving team commits a rules violation.

To begin playing, the serving team must serve from behind their end line. The serve must be underhand. The serving team serves the birdie over the net into the court of the nonserving team. The nonserving team returns, and the volley continues until one team loses the point by hitting the birdie out of the other team's area or under the net, by allowing the birdie to touch the ground inside their court area, or by hitting the birdie twice consecutively.

If teams are playing, the serve goes to the other side when both parties on the team have served. The players on each team rotate positions after every point.

Badminton is generally played to 15 or 20 points. Only the team serving can score a point. The nonserving team gains the serve, should it win the point played, and then has the opportunity to score.

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