Lawn Ball

Rating: 8+

Any number of players can participate, but the best groups number between four and twenty. You will need a colored ball for each player. Choose one color for half of the balls and another color for the other half. You also will need a single ball of a third color.

Choose sides, and distribute the balls so that all the players on a side have the same color. The leader of one side takes the jack, which is the ball of the third color, and throws it a considerable distance. The other players, alternating from the two sides, stand in turn at the place from which the leader threw and throw their balls, trying to make them land as near to the jack as possible. When all have thrown, the side that has a ball lying nearest the jack scores.

The score is 1 point for each ball that lies nearer the jack than the best ball of the opposing side. Whichever team reaches 50 points first wins.

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