Drop Ball

Rating: 8+

Any number of players can participate, but the best groups are between ten and sixty players. You will need a tennis ball for this game.

One player stands in the center, and the rest form a ring round him. The player in the center tosses up the ball, and calls the name of any one of the players in the ring. The player whose name has been called tries to catch the ball before its second bounce. If he succeeds, he changes places with the player in the center. If he fails, the player in the center continues until someone does catch the ball. When a player has failed to catch the ball three times, he is out.

To make this game more difficult, first draw a chalk circle. No player may step inside the circle until his name is called. Breaking this rule counts the same as a failure to catch the ball.

Another variation is catch ball, in which the players can run freely about the room instead of standing in a ring. The player who tosses the ball may call the name of someone who is at a considerable distance, so that great speed and alertness are required to enable the player whose name has been called to catch the ball before its second bounce.

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