Your Daily Routine

The following vocabulary list includes a number of French terms for activities you find yourself doing throughout the day. For convenience, the list is broken out into morning, afternoon, and evening routines.

Table 20-1

Morning Routine



le matin


allumer la radio

to turn on the radio


to yawn

faire sa toilette

to have a wash, to wash up

aller aux toilettes

to go to the bathroom

mettre ses verres de contact

to put one's contact lenses

faire son lit

to make one's bed

prendre son petit déjeuner

to have breakfast

aller travailler

to go to work

verrouiller la porte

to lock the door

tous les matins

every morning

Table 20-2

Afternoon Routine



l'après-midi (m)


allumer la télévision

to turn on the television

arroser les plantes

to water the plants

éteindre la radio

to turn off the radio

rentrer à la maison

to come home, to go home

rentrer de l'école

to come back from school

rentrer du travail

to come back from work

Table 20-3

Evening Routine



le soir


éteindre la télévision

to turn off the television

se reposer

to have a rest

faire la sieste

to have a nap

se déshabiller

to get undressed

fermer la porte

to close the door

fermer les rideaux

to close the curtains

mettre son réveil

to set the alarm clock

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