What Is Freezer Cooking?

Get ready to embark on a fantastic journey into the world of freezer cooking. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to fill your freezer with pre-cooked and ready-to-cook meals that don't require a large amount of preparation time. Along the way, keep in mind that there are countless uses for freezer meals — they are not just for dinner.

Picture this: Your family is asking “what's for dinner?” As you stare into the freezer, your stress level rises while your energy plummets. With no ideas for dinner, you go out to eat. Sitting in the restaurant with your family, you feel renewed and energized. You no longer have to think about what is for dinner, and someone else is doing the cooking. All is well, but this is only a temporary fix to the dinner crisis. The good news is there is a simple solution: freezer cooking.

Most families find when switching to freezer cooking they are eating healthier meals because they eat more meals at home. The normally chaotic dinner time becomes organized and under control. Holidays and entertaining are simplified as you prepare appetizers, main dishes, and desserts ahead of time, giving you more time with your guests.

Uses for Freezer Meals

Here are some ideas on how you can use freezer meals:

  • Freezer meals make planning a weekly meal schedule a breeze.

  • Freezer meals provide a home-cooked meal for your family when you are unavailable to cook.

  • Bring frozen meals with you on vacation and save money on eating out.

  • Build up a supply of meals when you are pregnant so you won't have to cook once your baby is born.

  • Deliver a home-cooked meal to your sick neighbor.

  • If you get sick, don't worry about dinner — your family can heat a frozen meal.

  • When unexpected company drops by, simply defrost a dessert from the freezer and start a pot of coffee.

  • Give pies and cakes as gifts to teachers, caregivers, nurses, and others you appreciate.

  • Bring a meal or two to a family who is struggling financially.

  • Deliver a hot, home-cooked meal to a friend with a new baby.

Freezer meals are wonderful for planning ahead, as well as for dealing with the unexpected. Stock your freezer and be surprised at the uses you find for the meals.

You can make and freeze baby food! If you like to make your own baby food, you can whip up large batches at one time and not worry about it going bad. Simply fill an ice cube tray with the homemade baby food, and freeze. Once frozen, transfer the cubes to a freezer bag and you can defrost as needed.

Mix and Match Meals

The Mix and Match section of this book contains basic elements that are common to multiple recipes. By having these basics on hand, you have the ability to create a variety of meals so you or your family won't get tired of the “same old thing.” You get the benefits of prepackaged convenience food without the cost.

Say you have 30 minutes to make dinner, no idea what to serve, and nothing is defrosted. From the freezer remove a frozen pizza crust, homemade pizza sauce you quickly defrost in the microwave, cooked shredded chicken you defrost in hot water, and mozzarella cheese you have on hand in the refrigerator. In minutes a homemade pizza is in the oven with very little time or effort on your part.

Are you in the mood for stir-fry? Take out a package of cubed, seasoned chicken breast; a bag of vegetables; and a container of frozen sweet and sour sauce. With very little planning, you've just put together a healthy dinner.

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